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Women Changing The World Investments Membership

Women Changing The World

We believe that when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.

Membership to Women Changing the World Community.

We provide values-aligned, women changemakers with connections and support to grow faster than if she was doing it alone.

If you want to create change, incubate new opportunities and connect with incredible women from through out the world

join us here.


Membership supports all our members, we all get there faster

Membership supports all our members, we all get there faster.

Your ambition may be to support other women through investment. It may be to grow your knowledge of investing and your own impact as an investor. It may be to develop your own investment proposition and opportunities for funding. Together, through our membership and investment structure, we will all get there faster.

How we change the world

Women Changing the World Investments is a Membership-based community that raises and distributes equity for women led businesses. A compelling body of research consistently tells the same story about the benefits of investing in women. There is a robust business case for investing in women  -companies with women leaders perform better.

Identified, vetted, women-founded and led businesses will be able to pitch to the community for investment.

Investment is open to everyone who has their membership approved, but funding will only be available to women.

With membership, we grow

We are passionate about expanding conversations and knowledge about investing in female-founded businesses. Education is at the heart of this growth.

The more women know about investing, the more we can encourage gender equality in investment.

The more women know about finding investment, the more we can change the pitching landscape.


As a member, you will also have access to pitch education and pitching opportuities. As an established business or a start-up, there will be opportunities to seek funding from investors who share your business and brand values. Women at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey should be supported, and WCTWI has the wherwithall and ambition to be the springboard for their growth, faster.


Business experts, industry leaders and women who have real life experience and business success form our community. Each shares our values of access and equity. They are committed to sharing their knowledge and networks with our membership. Members have exclusive access to investment education through investment and start-up monthly masterclasses.


    We also support the ambition of women to invest in viable, success-orientated businesses and be a part of growing our economy. As a member, you will have access to opportunities for investment in handpicked, vetted, dynamic female-founded, female-led businesses. Opportunities for investment will be Board identified, and meet our rigourus critera to pitch.


    We provide funding to enterprises that meet the goals and values of our organisation and additionally provide appropriate resources, connections, and skill development to ensure they are supported through their growth as a founder and the growth of their enterprise.

    We are committed to creating change and incubating new opportunities for collaboration, connection, and economic growth by investing in brilliant, high-potential, women-led companies.


    We are committed to

    • changing the experiences and trajectory of funding for female founders and entrepreneurs

    • advocating the normalisation of funding female founders

    • ensuring access and equity for all women seeking to fund raise for their enterprise -including women of colour, first nations women, women with disabilities and those who identify as women

    • advancing  the conversation about capital raising for female founders.



    • Monthly education webinar (Jan to Nov) 
    • Monthly eDM/newsletter  
    • Invites to additional events and opportunities 
    • Ability to pitch for investment
    • Welcome kit with merchandise pack (posted) 

    Monthly Payments

    12 month commitment


    2 Bouques Per Month

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